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Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

in 30 Minutes a Week

This is a step by step basic course to help you maintain your WordPress website with ease and confidence.
You retain your sanity while maintaining your WordPress website in under 30 minutes a week. At the end of this course you will be able to perform basic routine maintenance on your website by following a proven system that I have been using with my own clients for years.

Course delivery is via LIVE zoom sessions, which are recorded in case you can't make it live.

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This course has been created to empower small business owners, like yourself, to maintain your own business WordPress website.

We conducted a survey which found that some businesswomen were overwhelmed and frustrated by their WordPress website. Some of them were ignoring their website completely.

We believe that your voice needs to be heard and a website gives you a controlled platform to do just that. It gives you credibility and brings you clients.

It's essential that you understand the basics of maintaining your website. While you want customers to stay and spend money with you, if your website is not maintained correctly, they will actually run away in frustration and confusion because your website has errors or it doesn't load. If your customers don't have a great experience with your website they won't be back.

Karen Leslie - KISS WordPress Websites

Hi, I'm Karen Leslie. I have over 10 years experience in designing, supporting and training small businesses with their WordPress websites.
I know what you need to do, and I know how to make that simple for you with a easy to follow proven system that I use with my own clients.
You also get access to me live in the sessions and also in the private Facebook group.

This course is for businesswomen....

  • who want to be more informed about their website so they don't have to ask for help all the time
  • who want to deal with their website with confidence and ease 
  • who want to get the time back that they waste trying to technically update their website when they don't understand it
  • who don't want to spend unnecessary money if they you can do it easily and simply themselves
  • who are fed up feeling overwhelmed when anything changes at the back end of their website  
  • who want a basic training on the back end of their website because they were not given any training
  • who wants a website maintenance process that they can hand over to their VA, for their VA to perform the maintenance

This course is NOT for you if....

  • you don't even have 30 minutes a week because that is still too much time for you
  • you want to know how to design your WordPress website - this course only covers basic WordPress maintenance
  • you want to know how to add content to your website - this course only covers basic WordPress maintenance
  • you want to know how to add coding to your website - this course only covers basic WordPress maintenance

Imagine being able to have your website humming along beautifully in only 30 minutes a week. Think of the time you will save that you can dedicate to the people and things that matter in your life and in your business. Picture seeing a message coming up on your website dashboard, and you know that you are confident and competent to tackle it, instead of being overwhelmed and freaked out.

In 30 minutes a week you'll know how to address any basic issues yourself, and just as important, you'll know which messages do actually require outside expertise to help you. You'll have the competence to know that you can handle basic website messages without any overwhelm.  This will save you heaps of worry, time and stress about your website.

If you decide to hand your website maintenance over to a VA, you'll  have the essential knowledge yourself, and a simple and effective process for them to follow.

What you'll need for this course....

  • a self hosted WordPress website ( you do NOT login into - if you're not sure then ask me)
  • administrator access to the back end of your website (if you're not sure then ask me)
  • a willingness to be in a safe place where you can ask questions (there really is no such thing as a stupid question)

There are 4 LIVE sessions in the course

Session 1: Reduce any panic by understanding your WordPress dashboard and what the messages mean

Session 2: Understanding your website health and how to use it (or send it to others)

Session 3: Don't worry about stuffing up since you have a backup of your website. How to choose, install and set up a backup of your website

Session 4: Bring all the sessions together. Review the website using the worksheet, perform updates, and ensure that people can contact you

Optional: 1 to 1 session about implementing the course or support for the course

Karen's WP Maintenance course was very helpful! She goes through the backend maintenance elements with clear instructions. I loved her extra comments about why you do or don't do something and the encouragement that it will all be okay even if it's the first time doing your own maintenance. I definitely would recommend this course. Why pay someone to do your website maintenance when you can learn to do it yourself and then keep it updated as you go! Sign up today!

Anna Doecke

Journeez - Counselling and personal development business

This is a high support format so this means that it will be at a never to be repeated price.

I will not be teaching you how to design a website, or how to add content to a website. This course is purely about basic maintenance such as updating WordPress core, plugins and themes. Understanding common messages and dealing with common errors.

The course is simple and follows a proven system to keep your website running well. It will be a combination of 4 live webinars with me lasting 30 - 45 minutes (that will be recorded if you can't make the live sessions), a worksheet and a private Facebook group where you get access to me. Numbers will be limited. It will teach you enough about WordPress for you to be able to perform basic maintenance on your website. I will not be teaching you everything about WordPress because you don't need to know every little thing about WordPress. Only enough to maintain for your business website effectively.

Course dates:  The next course will be in May 2022.

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I enrolled in the Basic WordPress Website Maintenance Course because I wanted to feel less terrified navigating through my website to do minor things like updates. I wanted to learn how to do these things myself instead of having to pay a professional all the time, saving money and keeping things running smoothly without too much effort.
What I liked most about the Basic WordPress Website Maintenance Course was it was in layman's terms, easy to follow and at a good pace.
Now I am able to download relevant plugins (downloaded my first one yesterday without any anxiety that I was going to break my website). I also know about backups and updating plugins and versions.
I highly recommend joining if you want to feel more confident navigating the back end of your website and doing a bit of work on it yourself.

Lisa Higgins

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy and Medical Intuition
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