Stress Less Self-Paced Study Guide for Basic WordPress Website Maintenance


This self-paced study guide follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) approach on basic WordPress website maintenance.
At the end of this guide you will be able to perform basic routine maintenance on your website by following a proven system that I have been using with my own clients for years. Not only will it save you money but it’ll also save you your sanity if you’ve never understood how to maintain your WordPress website.
Want to see the first 4 pages of the guide?

Click here to download the first 4 pages of the Stress Less Self-Paced Study Guide to WordPress Maintenance which includes the content table.

This guide has been created to empower small business owners, like yourself, to maintain your own business WordPress website to keep it in peak performance.
This 50 page pdf document self-paced study contains lots of screenshots so you can follow along with your own WordPress website at your own pace.
We start with the basics with a tour of the dashboard, talk about website health, how to find and install a backup plugin, and how to perform WordPress website maintenance.
The guide has been written by Karen Leslie who specialises in translating geek to English, as well as working with WordPress websites for over 11 years.

What you’ll need for this guide

  • A self-hosted WordPress website
  • Administrator access to your website so that you can perform backups of your website. If you can see a list of plugins on your website then you have administrator access.
    If you’re not sure whether you have these please email us so that we can check for you.

Benefits when your website is regularly maintained

  • Your website loads quickly because visitors will notice when it’s slow although they don’t notice when it’s fast
  • Your visitors trust your website because it’s not showing any errors
  • It’s easier for you to maintain because you’re doing it on a regular basis (rather than waiting for something to go wrong)
  • Your website is secure and safe which is good for you and your clients
  • Benefit from updates WordPress core, themes and plugins when changes come through
  • Reduces the risk of anything going wrong and paying out money when it does (it’s like brushing your teeth regularly rather than paying big dentist bills
  • Reduces the risk of your website being hacked

What you’ll achieve after going through this guide

  • Understand the basics of the back end of your WordPress website
  • Understand the site health of your WordPress website
  • Be able to select and install WordPress plugins
  • Be able to run a website backup
  • Be able to update WordPress core, themes and plugins
  • Be able to maintain your WordPress website in about 30 minutes a week

Note: This self-paced study guide is a 50 page pdf document which will be delivered via a link on the screen after payment is completed and also via a link in an email after payment has been processed. If for some reason your email does not arrive please send an email to from the email address used in the order.

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