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Don't know what to do to maintain your WordPress website?

You know that you're meant to be maintaining your WordPress website but you have no idea of what that means. 

It would be useful to have a list of actions for you to perform. 

This is the same list that I use for my webcare clients.

Why does your website need to be maintained?

WordPress release major updates several times a year. Some of these are adding new functionality, improving existing functionality or updating website security.

If you have plugins on your website (they are like apps on your phone), they will need to be updated for improved performance and security.

You will have a theme on your website which gives you the look and feel of your website such as colours, fonts etc. It will also need to be updated.

How do you know when to do the maintenance?

Maintenance can be required at any time.

The check list will get you into a habit of checking your website weekly to see if any maintenance need to be done.

If your website is more complex then there may be many updates to done every week, whereas for simple websites the updates may only be monthly. The important part is that you check on a regular .

What if you don't do maintenance?

A lot of my clients find me when they "suddenly" have errors on their website. Often they haven't been told they need to maintain their websites, or they haven't been shown how to do it.

The errors are not suddenly appearing. Maintenance hasn't been performed and at some stage something breaks and the error appears.

If your website is important to your business, and it should be, then someone needs to be maintaining your website. If you don't want to do it yourself then check out my webcare plans.

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WordPress website maintenance check list

After you request the check list you'll receive a email with a link to download the pdf check list. You can print it off or fill it in online. 

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