Are you frustrated and stressed with your WordPress website?

It's time for a change. Let's get together to see how we can help you deal with your website with ease and confidence using our services and training.

Issues with your WordPress Website?

Is your website showing an error either on the front end to customers or on the back end?

happy woman looking at her WordPress website

WordPress can be hard when you don't know who to turn to for help. Imagine the relief when you have someone to contact who is on your side.
If you have an issue with your WordPress website you can contact us for website support. You can get on with your business while we fix your WordPress website. This can be a one off fix or a longer term arrangement. If it's urgent please call or email us.

No time for your WordPress Website?

You can focus on your business (what you enjoy and brings in your revenue) while we focus on your website.

delighted woman with her updated WordPress website

Most small business owners are not taught how to maintain their own websites. It's like being given a car and not being told how to drive! WordPress needs to be updated technically on a regular basis as well as content added to your website. This is a DFY because it's Done For You through one of our WordPress Website Maintenance plans. If you're not sure what would suit you contact us to have a chat first. 

Wish you understood your Website?

Ever felt like you want to know more about your website without knowing every little thing about WordPress?

WordPress training online

You are not alone. Some web designers have the business model that if they don't train their clients then the clients have to keep coming back to them. Others simply don't like doing training. We love training business owners. The training can be one to one or you can take one of our courses. We call this a DIY option because we train you to Do It Yourself. If you're not sure what would suit you contact us to have a chat. 


Testimonials - what our clients say about us

Elizabeth Bond

CEO Whirlybird Words

Karen was very generous with her time and she has a wealth of knowledge. I felt confident that I was getting great advice. If I need website maintenance or if I need to refer someone, I'd refer them to Karen in a heartbeat! 
Whirlybirds Words
June 2022

Judy Hamilton

CEO Hamilton Coaching

I needed some help in understanding more about WordPress. Karen was warm, friendly and willing to help in any way she could. I found her easy to talk to and she offered some good practical solutions to my queries. I went from feeling clueless and stuck to having some clarity and a way forward. 
Hamilton Coaching
November 2022

Cathy Lunnay

Partner Naralilla Homes

I Felt heard and understood. Karen is attentive and listens to the needs of the customer. I know that I will be more confident in accessing and maintaining our digital asset with her guidance.
Naralilla Homes
September 2022

Carol Parr

Co-Founder Mitey Fresh

Karen makes it really easy, first to assess and to make sure the website is well looked after as if it were her own. I find this approach a relief not only to save us money but also to contribute to creating a progressive business. I know my website, the business and my mind are a heck a lot healthier.
Mitey Fresh
July 2022

Pat Hobson

Classic Performance Servicing & Dyno

Karen gets straight into the meeting with a friendly & knowledgeable approach. She gives freely of her expertise and keeps the meeting on track and value-filled. What I thought I needed to do was not necessarily the right thing for my business. I liked the friendly, yet professional approach.
Classic Performance Servicing & Dyno
April 2021

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