If you need some support for your WordPress website our first piece of advice is "Don't Panic". We know that is easy to say but panicking isn't going to help you.

We'll take you through a step by step process to contact us to see how we can help you.

don't panic message

Is it an emergency?

By an emergency has this suddenly happened and you can't access your website. You're losing money if your website has an online shop and you need someone to look at it ASAP.

Yes, it's an emergency

You have a choice. You can fill in the contact form below (all fields are required) which goes through to a priority email address or you can phone me on 0488 55 65 40.

Emergency with Website
Your Name
Your Name

No, it's not an emergency

If you have an error that has been there for ages and you want to have it checked out have you already had a chocolate and a chat session?

If not you can book a free 30-minute chocolate and a chat session with Karen Leslie, your WordPress Fairy Godmother. Select the zoom session and you can share your screen with her to see if it can be sorted out in the free session.
Here is the link again:

If you've already had a chocolate and a chat session then you can book a meeting through our store page.

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