What Tools Make Your Business Life Easier? A WordPress Website Care Plan Is One Of Them

Summary TLDR;
We have no idea in how many ways a tool can make our business lives easier since a small change can have a big difference.
WordPress website care plans will:

  • Give you peace of mind since you can stop worrying
  • Give you piece of mind since you have an expert mind looking after your website and giving you suggestions how to improve it
  • Get you back to doing the things in your business that you enjoy
  • Give you your time back to use as you want to

The next step - arrange a complimentary 30-minute WordPress call to see if we make a good team.

I'm someone who doesn't like to have their photograph taken. Okay, maybe I did when I was little (I was such a poser back then!) but not after I went through puberty. However, nowadays people want to see who they are dealing with and selfies have become so popular.


It became obvious to me that my old Samsung S4 which I bought from new simply wasn't good enough anymore. When I bought it, it was ideal for how I wanted to use it. Now I needed a phone with a better camera for selfies. I bought a pre-loved Samsung S10 with much better cameras. It reminded me that I used to like take photos of the property where we live. At this time of year, the sunrises can be spectacular and they are at a reasonable hour (i.e when I'm awake!).

Karen Leslie KISS WP Websites WordPress Webcare

It increased gradually from taking a morning photo simply when it looked pretty to every morning. Even when I'm up later I'm usually out around our property taking a picture or two.

For years I'm been trying to get into meditation and I start doing it for a while and then I stop, then I start again and then I stop. Sporadic would be a good term for it. Now I've realised that my taking a picture in the morning is my form of meditation. It's me, my camera, and my world. I'm present and focussed (pun intended) with my camera. It sets me up for the day.

Karen Leslie sunrise

I had no idea what simply changing my phone would mean that I would be out every morning, breathing, being present, and yes, taking photos too.

Such a little change has brought about big difference in my life.

Could a little change like a WordPress website care plan make a big change to your business life?

You can say, Karen, that's a tenuous link from a camera to a website care plan. The reason why the link came to me is because of what clients tell me.

Peace of mind

A website care plan gives you peace of mind so you can let go of the worry. Sometimes I can let things worry me out of all proportion to the actual issue. I can definitely make a mountain out of a molehill.

Piece of my mind

You could also say you get "piece of my mind" because you get my mind working on your website. I have over 11 years of experience with WordPress websites and I have an extensive network to access as well.

Do what you enjoy

Whenever I'm not particularly good at something or have no interest in something and I force myself to do it I hate doing it. Seriously, I dread doing it, and then when I stuff it up I ask myself why did I bother? I spent too long on it and then I'm in a bad mood. There are two solutions. The first is to change my mindset so that I do enjoy it. The second is to get someone else to do it. This means you get to do what you enjoy while someone else does what you hate.

Weirdly enough I do enjoy website maintenance. It's not simply maintenance to me,  in that it's also trying to improve your website so you get the best out of it. With Core Web Vitals either here or coming very soon, it's even more important that your website gives a really good user experience.

Get your time back

As I mentioned things I don't like doing can often take me forever to complete, or maybe it just feels that way. Handing things over to a professional who is used to performing those tasks frees up your time.  You get your time back to do whatever you want with it. Earning more revenue, spending time with yourself, spending time with your loved ones, or maybe even out taking photos.

Still not sure?

It can be just as scary letting go as it can be seeing an error message on your website that you don't know what to do about. I'm a control freak, perfectionist (I know it's a wonderful combination!) so I do understand that it may seem strange to let someone else support you with your website.

The next step

If you rather not through your money at a complete stranger, I suggest that we set up a complimentary 30-minute chocolate and a chat session. This can be done over the phone or via zoom (your choice). During the session, we find out more about each other. I find out what you're trying to achieve with your business website and how KISS WP Websites can get you there. If at the end of our session we both think that we make a good team then we'll get you signed up for a website audit.  If either of us doesn't feel that way then we part as friends and I'll ensure that you received value from our call.  The website audit is so that we have a good understanding of your website before we take it on and we have ideas on how to improve it too.

If you're ready for the next step then you can book your complimentary WordPress website session at:

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