Maintaining your WordPress website effectively – Time versus Money

This article  is in response to an email I received about the Basic WordPress Website Maintenance Course where I teach how to maintain your website in under 30 minutes a week. She said, "Cool, sounds fantastic. I'd love to do it. I just don't have the time".

I know we're all busy businesswomen with juggling family, our businesses, and a million other things that are going on. This may sound harsh. I want it to be firm and not harsh. Somebody must, and this really is a must, be maintaining your WordPress website.

time versus money and wordpress website maintenance

What I see happening, and a major reason KISS WP Websites business was formed, is that there's a lot of businesswomen who have no clue about their WordPress website. This is not their fault. They have not been trained on the tech side of WordPress.

They've been handed over a website that they may have paid a lot of money for with zero, absolutely zero training. It's like giving somebody the keys to a Ferrari without checking they can drive it. Saying, don't worry about it. You'll pick it up as you go along. It's an accident waiting to happen.

If technical stuff is your thing (it is my thing) then maybe you'll find the time to learn it on your own. However, we're all busy. Learning WordPress may not be at the top of your to-do list if may not even make your to-do list.

There's loads of stuff that I think I would like to learn. I'm realistic enough to know that if I'm not really interested in it, it won't happen.

When it comes to your WordPress website, though, it's really important. It's your 24 / 7 shop to the world, even if you're not selling stuff, it's your informational shop to the world. It needs to be running at its peak performance.

There is a time versus money situation here. Prevention is definitely cheaper than the cure.

If you're not maintaining your website regularly, when it goes wrong it's going to cost you a lot more money.

I realise that this may sound weird coming from somebody who fixes WordPress websites. I'm aware that I'm a person you could come to, to fix your website and pay me heaps of money to do it. I would rather have your website maintained, running smoothly for you, to make sure your voice is being heard out there in the marketplace. People are waiting to hear from you, your product, your service. Your business is needed. You need to have your WordPress website running at peak performance. It needs to be maintained regularly. This is why I've launched the Basic WordPress Website Maintenance Course. It starts from the basics to make sure you've got really good foundations and the next course will build on from there.

The end result is for you to have an amazing website. When people come onto your website, it's fast, it's efficient, they can find information easily, you get found in search engines etc. First, we need to build the foundations and I want to take it slowly so that I don't overwhelm you.

My priority is to get your WordPress website working as effectively and efficiently for you as possible with a simple system.

If that's your goal too, then check out the Basic WordPress Website Maintenance course information, and if it's a good fit for you, register. At KISS WP Websites, we support smart businesswoman with their dumb WordPress websites. We make the WordPress websites smarter because the businesswomen are already smart.

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