It’s never too late to change your website

It's never too late to change your website. Some people seem to assume that when a website is created, that's it. The end. You've had all your branding done, your logos, your tone of voice, your fonts, your images, you create this wonderful website. And that's all she wrote.

That's not the end.

A website can be constantly evolving, as your business evolves, and if you are the face of your business, as you evolve in your business as well. As you learn more about your clients, the longer you're in business, your website can evolve too.

woman looking at her watch - never too late to change your WordPress website

Your website is there to serve your ideal clients, and by serving your clients it serves your business.

It's never too late to change your website - if something isn't working for you or your clients, then that means that there needs to be a change.

Check that you have the important things on your website which include:

  • who your services are aimed at (your ideal client)
  • what the benefits of your services are (tell them the What's in it for me)
  • promoting solutions to your ideal clients problems
  • how they contact you / their next step (call to action)

This may sound strange as an ex web designer, but sometimes I will go to my own website, and this is the previous one, as well as the current one, and I would look at it, and something would just would not gel with me. It could be a particular colour that I was using at one stage and it was like you know I really don't like that. I would think about why it grated on me. Usually it was because it didn't reflect who I was. A change needed to be made.

I would encourage you to look at your own website, through the eyes of a visitor. They may only know you a Facebook group, a Facebook page, or they found you through a search engine such as Google.

They don't know a great deal about you which is why they are on your website.

  • What is it that they see?
  • Is it clear what you do?
  • Is it clear who you serve?
  • Are the benefits clear to them?
  • Is it clear what they need to do next?
  • Do you have multiple ways to contact you?

Phone numbers that they can just click on if they're on a mobile device. Maybe a newsletter that they could sign up for, have a particular interest to them.

Do you have something on your website that actually says, this is your next step, call me or email me, or fill in this contact form, whatever it is that's simple for your clients.

It does need to be simple. It has been shown that we don't read everything that's put in front of us (that's me included), be that a book, a document, a website, an app. We, as human beings are not great at reading everything which means things need to be simple for us to understand that, you kind of need to hit us over the head with it a few times. This is possibly why they say that we need to see something seven times or interact with a business, at least seven times before we really register what it's doing. I don't know where those statistics came from, by the way, but they always seem to be quoted.

Think about where your business is now. Think about the services that you offer, or products that you offer. Is that reflected in your website is that reflected in your social media. Going back to as a visitor to your website. Is it obvious how I contact you. Although different methods for contacting you. Now, I know people don't like to have their phone number, sometimes on their website. My phone number has been on my website. For many years, the previous business as well.

It's actually fairly rare that somebody will pick up a phone and call me. Unless they've got something happening like the white screen of death on their website. Then I definitely get a call!

People sometimes use a contact form. Most popular at the moment is the coffee and chocolate and a chat sessions. Usually I think they're more popular because they're free. And people know they're going to get those 30 minutes of my time,

If you're not talking in the words that your ideal client would use, it's never too late to change your website. There are copywriters that can write your copy for you if you're not sure what to write, or if you need help.

I see some businesswomen jumping from one website platform to another, be it Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or WordPress. They are all simply tools to get your message out there. WordPress happens to be fairly easy, and the last time I checked, it was over 38% of the website marketplace.

It's very popular. It can be extended so you can get your WordPress website to do what you want it to do. But in the end, it's still simply a tool to get your message out there. It's a tool that you control, more than you can control social media. In that respect you want your website to be at the hub of your marketing.  Videos posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or wherever else you post your social media, wherever your ideal clients hang out, it's all coming back to your website hub. On your website you can offer helpful freebies, a newsletter or something else so that you are gathering their details,  so that with their permission you can contact them again.

It's never too late to change your website. If you're not getting enough leads through your website. Consider how are you getting traffic to it? You can have the best website in the universe, but if it doesn't get any traffic nobody will ever know about it.

If you are getting leads, you can look at services such as Google Analytics or other analytics software, to tell you are people going to your website and how long are they staying. If you're getting traffic to your website, but people aren't staying very long, it could be that you're attracting the wrong type of client. They are coming to your website and saying you know what, this isn't for me so they  leave or bounce.

It could be they can't find what they're looking for.

If they're staying on your website for a while, it could be that either they've found it, they've read it and they've left, because there's no obvious next step for them. If you have services on your website that people can't buy from your website, still make sure that they can make an inquiry, be that will form an email or a phone call. There needs to be an obvious next step. There are lots of different ways that your website can be improved. I have yet to find the perfect website and I include my own in that because my own website is evolving as my business evolves.

If you're not sure what needs to be changed on your website, but you feel that it needs a change. Feel free to book in a chocolate and a chat. It's a complimentary 30 minute session that can either be by phone or by zoom. We talk about whatever it is that's bothering you, about your WordPress website. This can be general things that you feel could be improved, or it can be specific things. When you book a chocolate and a chat WordPress website session, I will ask for your website address if you want me to look at it beforehand. I ask you to tell me what the chat is going to be about because you're in control of the chat. The great thing with using zoom, rather than a phone, is that you can actually share your screen with me and show me some of the things you like or that you don't like.

Together will come up with a solution for you because it's never too late to change your website.

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