Who’s the emergency contact for your WordPress website?

I rarely get to meet people when they're at their best. Before you wonder what I'm doing to them, it's not me; it's their circumstances.

Businesswomen tend to contact me when they have an error on their website that they need help understanding. I receive a frantic phone call or email from them when they're stuck and don't know whom to turn to, whom they can trust.

Some may remember a name in a Facebook group or search through one of their networks.

When we moved country, one of the things I put by the phone was emergency contact details for Police, Fire, Ambulance, doctors and dentists. The health professionals were recommended (by strangers at that time because we didn't know anyone).

I needed to know whom to contact should anything go wrong. I hoped that nothing would go wrong, and I didn't expect anything to go wrong, but as we all know, life happens.

We do that for our lives, so why don't we do that for our business? Why don't we have important emergency contacts on hand for various parts of your business?

If your WordPress website brings you leads and sales, it is essential to your business. Anything important to your business needs to be protected, including having an emergency contact number.

You want to have two numbers at hand for your website - the hosting details for your website and a WordPress support person.

The only support that WordPress provides is through its forums. These are great for those who are techy and know what we want and whom we need to ask. For non-technical businesswomen, it can be confusing because there are forums for individual plugins, themes, and WordPress.

I may not panic about WordPress websites (because I take a backup of the website BEFORE I do anything). Still, other areas can cause me to panic. My car is a good example. It's an older car with an intermittent starting issue at one stage. Even before I got into the car, I wondered whether it would start. I would avoid driving if I could so I didn't have to use the car. The stress was too much for me, so I joined a road service recovery club (the RAA in South Australia). When my car died, I was glad I knew whom to call, and they would rescue me. They took my car to a mechanic who discovered it was an electrical issue due to its age. The intermittent problem was now permanent.

Think about that with your WordPress website. Are you avoiding updating it because you're stressed that it will all go horribly wrong? Do you have someone to contact in an emergency?

In your phone or wherever you put emergency contact details, please enter your hosting company's name and phone number. I hope you have your username and password somewhere safe and where you can find them.

If you don't have a WordPress support person, please enter my details in your phone so that you know whom to call if anything happens to your website. Karen Leslie 0488 55 65 40 WordPress Fairy Godmother. You can use me as your emergency WordPress website contact. If you prefer email contact me on .

If you have an issue with your WordPress website, please call me.

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