How to decide whether you need a refresh or a New WordPress Website?

During the free 30-minute chocolate and chat sessions, business owners often tell me they need a new website and have little or no budget for it.

Starting with the first thing they mentioned, I asked why they needed a new website.

I can think of several reasons why a new website might be needed, and I want to hear why they feel one is required.

confused woman trying to make a decision

Here are some of the problems I’m told about with the solution I offer.

Problem: The content hasn’t been updated in years.
Solution: I can teach you how to update the content or do it for you if you have created the content already.

Problem: The content on my website has information about services I no longer offer.
Solution:We can remove the content that is no longer relevant.

Problem: My branding has changed completely, and I have a new name and domain.
Solution:Yes, let’s plan a new website.

Problem: I’ve had heaps of different people work on my website over the years, including my nephew/niece who’s in IT, and it’s not working anymore.
Solution:In some cases, when a lot of people have been working on a website over the years, it’s quicker and cheaper to create a new one. Relevant content can be taken across to the new website.

Problem: I don’t understand how to do anything on this website, so I need a new one.
Solution: I asked what would be different with the new website? There’s usually a pause. I don’t know, maybe you could teach me how to use it. I reply I could do that, or since your website is a WordPress website already, I could teach you how to use the one you already have.

Not all situations are the same; only some problems require a new website. It’s not that I don’t want to create new websites (I will be offering a new service on that later in the year provisionally called Website In a Week), but creating a new website on the incorrect expectations means that you, the client, will not be satisfied.

How to work out if you need a new website?

Write down a list of what works for you on your existing website.
Don’t simply write nothing 🙂 Think about your website and what’s working. It could be the colours, the logo, or specific content your visitors like to read. It could be integrations to other pieces of software that work well. Write it all down.

Write down a list of what’s NOT working for you on your existing website.
Write it all down.
Every little thing that annoys you stops you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Write down a list of what you wish your website would do.
Do you want better images?
A faster-loading website?
A connection to another software such as a calendar?
Whatever it is for you, write that down, too.

Read through the 3 lists.
Which one has more items on it?

Will the items that are NOT working be solved with a new website? If not, then you can get help with your existing website.

Are the items on the list that you wish your website would be part of your business plans? Will NOT having them affect your business goals? Will they hold you back if they are not there?

By prioritising what’s important and what isn’t, you better understand what’s essential to your business.

You may need a new website. If you do, at least you’ll know why, and you’ll be able to give that information to your next designer.

If you’re still unclear about whether you want a new website, here are two suggestions. You can download this handy checklist from my free resources page that goes through some questions to help you or book a 30-minute free session with me.

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