Website Plugin Audit (plugins ONLY)


Why is a WordPress plugin audit needed? 
Let’s start with what’s a plugin? It’s a small program, like an app for your website.
Plugins add functionality to your website, for example an online shop, a way to backup your website,  speeding up your website and much more.
If you’ve had several designers work on your website, quite often more and more plugins get added to your website. The number of plugins doesn’t necessarily slow down your website. Badly written or out of date plugins can slow down your down and be a security risk.
How do you know if you need a WordPress plugin audit?
When you look at the plugin page in your WordPress admin there are some deactivated plugins. When they are deactivated they are not working on your website, so why do you have them? If you’re testing something then a plugin can be deactivated for a while but if it’s deactivated permanently then you don’t need it.

What happens after you buy this product?
We’ll be in touch for the following:

  • to get further details from you such as your website address
  • instructions for you on how to set up a new user for access (and how to remove us when you’re finished)
  • when we’ll be able to perform the audit (if you want to check with us before this please send us an email)

If you have any queries before ordering please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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