Why become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate creates a win - win situation where you recommend KISS WP Websites services and / or products and receive a commission when a customer buys through your affiliate link.

Joining is simple

Read through the affiliate program agreement and if you agree with it register to become an affiliate. Yes, we do ask a few questions on the registration form to make sure we're a good fit together.

Set up your affiliate link

Once you're approved you'll receive an email. You log into the affiliate dashboard to set up your unique affiliate link.

Let your customers know

Share your affiliate link in your blog posts, in your socials or other places where you reach your customers. When a customer buys a product or service through your affiliate link you earn commission. Commissions and payment times are in the affiliate agreement.

You can check out the affiliate agreement terms and conditions here.

Ready to register?

Register at: https://www.kisswpwebsites.com.au/affiliate-registration/

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